For the convienience of our clients we have prepared the FAQ section.

If you would  need more detailed information, please, contact our consultanty in your region.

1. What are the payment conditions?

We accept 100% pre-payment from our new customers. Extentions are possible in long-term cooperation.

2. Do you offer the discounts?

Yes, we are able to provide a dociunt in the following situations:
- A large amount of order
- In a persepctive of long-term cooperation on selected goods or categories of the goods
- During promotions

3. Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes. The clients who choose our company permanently and order in big quantities receive the individual price list.

4. What is a minimal order?

The minimal order we accept is 5000 euro.

5. What is a minimal quantity of a product in order?

The mininal quantity of each order is mentioned on the right  from a code in the catalogue. The quantity you order must be a multiple of indicated number. For example, product 2217, you can order one item, a pack of 12 items or a pallet with 72 items (1/12/72). If you would like to order 22 items we would have to add 2 extra items in order to pack the order.

6. Is it possible to become your official distributor in my region or to sign Exclusivity Agreement with your company?

Yes, it is possible. Please, contact a consultant in your region in order to discuss the details and conditions of such cooperation.

7. What is an implementation period of the order?

The standard term is 3-4 days. However, the delay may occur, but not longer then one working week.

8. What is the delivery conditions?

We usually work on EXW/FCA Wola Rasztowska. But if the client would like us to orginize the transport, it is possible, but have to be paid in the same invoice with the order.